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​​Our Performance

Performance information is used to improve the way the service carries out its day-to-day work.

Did you know over the last 10 years we have…

Safety in the Home
Carried out over 182,839 safety checks in the home. Click here for further information...

Accidental Dwelling Fires
Our preventative work and engagement has seen a 15% reduction in accidental dwelling fires. Fire deaths and injuries have also been reduced. Click here for further information...​

Deliberate Fires
Reduced the number of deliberate fires within our area by 65%.

Hoax Calls
Reduced hoax calls attended by 74%. Click here for further information...​

Road Traffic Collisions
Working closely with our partners seen a reduction of 29% in the number of road traffic collisions we have attended. Click here for further information...​​

Total Incidents
Seen a significant reduction of 23% in the total number of incidents attended. Click here for further information...


​Summary of our performance in 2012 - 2013

Overall we believe that we have had an extremely successful year and have delivered upon and in some cases exceeded our stated improvement objectives. Areas where we have had specific success include;

  • The continued fall in the number of fires, injuries and deaths

  • The increase in the level of partnership working 

The assessment is a statutory requirement under its Local Government Wales measure and has been approved by Mid & West Wales Fire & Rescue Authority’s Performance, Audit & Scrutiny Committee. The report provides details of MAWWFRS’s overall performance and improvements in five key areas to ensure its communities and people are kept safer:

·         Managing Risk

·         Managing People

·         Managing Performance

·         Working Together

·         Managing Resources

The Service has been working closely with partner agencies and is making notable advancements in the area of youth engagement, evident in the reduced number of deliberate fire setting, hoax calls and level of risk to younger members of the community. 

Considerable improvements have also been made within the Service’s Development Directorate, gaining gold accreditation in the Investors in People award. The continued development of staff has allowed them to lead and innovate on services which benefit the community.

The Service’s management of information has also been made more effective through the development of a new intranet system, which has greatly enhanced the sharing and dissemination of key information.

Key areas of improvement have been identified within reducing the level of risk to the most vulnerable members of our community, sharing information with other organisations and the delivery of home fire safety checks.

The last 11 years has seen significant reductions in the number of incidents we attend and improvement in the outcomes of these incidents. We will continue to ensure that the improvements outlined in this assessment will be followed through so our communities stay safe and the level of risk is further minimised.

Quick Reference Performance Summary​


Performance Assessment 2012 - 2013