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Our Vision and Values

​Objective 1: To save lives and protect communities.
We will reduce the number of deaths and injuries, and the economic and environmental impact of such incidents.

Objective 2: To be trusted and respected by our communities.
We will ensure local residents and the business community have full confidence in the services we provide.

Objective 3: To be seen as more than an emergency service.
We will make people aware of the full range of our activities and make sure they have the ability to access them.

Objective 4: To match our resources to priorities.
We will prioritise our activities and ensure resources are allocated to these priorities.

Objective 5: To manage within budget.
​We will spend your money wisely on the identified priorities.

Objective 6: To seek out and utilise alternative resources.
We will actively seek external funding for our initiatives to increase our capacity.

Objective 7: To make efficiencies year on year.
We will improve the way we work to reduce costs and increase performance.

Objective 8: To manage our people effectively.
We will monitor the performance of our staff and develop them to their full potential.

Objective 9: To fully develop risk reduction planning.
We will use the risk reduction planning process to ensure effective service delivery.

Objective 10: To develop effective partnership working.
We will develop effective partnerships with others to deliver services collaboratively.

Objective 11: To develop our workforce into effective and empowered people.
We will ensure our staff have the right skills and are motivated and responsible for their actions.​​​​​