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Our Plans


Corporate Plan 2017 - 2022

In previous years we have produced a five-year Strategic Plan and an accompanying Annual Improvement Plan. With the introduction of the Well-being and Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015, we have taken the opportunity to review our planning process and produce a single integrated Corporate Plan for 2017-2022.

This Plan outlines our five-year Strategic Priorities (2017-2022) and our Improvement Objectives for 2017/2018.

Strategic Plan ​2016 - 2021

Strategic Plan For 2015 - 2020
This plan outlines the strategic vision for Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Authority for the next five years with a clear focus on improving the safety of our communities and of our employees.

Asset Management Plan
The Asset Management Plan is living document and will develop on a five year planning cycle, being reviewed and updated annually. It defines ​the good practice aims, objectives and principles for the Fire Authority’s use of assets.

Strategic Equality Plan 2016-2020
It is the intention of this plan to convey the commitment of the Authority and the Chief Fire Officer to promote equality of opportunity across all Mid and West Wales Fire & Rescue Services functions, policies, practices and procedures and set out how the Service will seek to fulfill this commitment.​

Annual Equality Report 2015-2016​

Sustainability and Environmental Strategy​
This strategy clarifies what we believe to be our areas of influence on sustainable development. 
It sets out the main principles, proposals and required actions, and also states the Service’s commitment to reducing the environmental impacts of its activities and operations.

Interim Procurement Strategy
This interim strategy (the Strategy) sets out the framework for procurement within the Fire & Rescue Service (FRS) in Wales from 2012 – 2015 building on the 2008 - 2011 National Procurement Strategy (NPS)​.