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Welsh Lan​guage​ Standards

​​The Welsh Language (Wales) Measure 2011 replaced the Welsh Language Act 1993 and as part of the new legislation, in Wales the Welsh language has equal legal status with English and must not be treated less favourably. Public bodies no longer need to develop and implement Welsh Language Schemes but instead now must comply with a set of national Welsh Language Standards.

The Welsh Language Commissioner has issued a Compliance Notice which sets out which Standards apply to Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Authority, along with any exemptions and their implementation dates.

Welsh Langauge Standards Compliance Notice

Welsh Language Standar​ds Implementation Plan

The Authority was required by 30 March 2017 to publish a document noting how it intends to comply at a corporate level with the Standards and what its internal processes are for oversight and monitoring implementation. This document is therefore published below.​

Welsh Language Standards Implementation Plan​​​


​The Welsh Language Standards require the Service to produce an annual report, in relation to each financial year, which deals with the way it has complied with the service delivery standards, policy making standards and operational standards, which were in issued in our Compliance Notice.

Welsh Language Monitoring Report for 2018-19
Welsh Language Monitoring Report for 2017-18