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New Dimensions​​

A well equipped, well trained and well motivated Fire and Rescue Service is essential to the success of delivering resilience in England and Wales. The New Dimension programme formed part of the wider UK resilience programme and the Capabilities Programme​, led by the Cabinet Office.

The Act now places duties on the Fire and Rescue Service to respond to a range of non-fire emergencies, should the role of the service change in future.

The New Dimension Programme is a significant part of CLG and Chief Fire Officers Assocations's contribution to the Government’s Civil Contingencies Capabilities Programme

Its aim is to enhance the preparedness and resilience of England and Wales by improving the capability of the Fire and Rescue Service to respond to major and catastrophic incidents. The geographic scope of the programme is England and Wales, although liaison is also maintained with equivalent programmes run in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The operation is comprised of a number of capabilities. The Service is a key player in Mass Decontamination and Environmental Protection


Mass Decontamination capability is designed to detect, identify and monitor contaminants and contain and mitigate the effects upon the populace. This includes decontaminating large numbers of people and providing continued support throughout the recovery phase.

The Service has two Incident Response Units based at Llanelli and Pembroke Dock.

The unit is comprised of a curtain side bodied vehicle, containing a series of equipment stowage pallets and a moffett forklift truck, which enables the dismounting of equipment. 

Each individual appliance is theoretically capable of decontaminating 300 members of the public per hour utilising purpose built structures. The public mass decontamination structure has been specifically developed to meet the UK ’s need to provide a high decontamination capability, for both ambulant and non-ambulant victims. The structure forms part of an overall mass decontamination system and is supported by ancillary equipment, which provides power, lighting, heating, warm water decontaminant and contaminated water collection.​