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​Personal Protection Equipment

The Service has approximately 1200 operational personnel. Each has to be issued with their own personal protective equipment or PPE. 

A fire-fighter will be issued with a:Man dressed in Personal Protection Equipment

  • ​Helmet

  • Two Tunics

  • Two pairs of Leggings

  • Two pairs of boots

  • Two pairs of gloves

  • Two flashoods

The Helmet is the Heros Xtreme model which is manufactured by Rosenbauer. It has 2 visors, an inner eye protector and an outer full face. It also has a detachable head torch.

The Tunics and Leggings are the pbi gold pro-teks max suits supplied by Lion Apparel. They provide flame and water resistance and thermal protection.  They were purchased for the three Welsh Fire Services and so feature the Welsh flag on the left arm and Fire/Tan on the back.

The Flashoods offer protection to the ears, neck and skin during times of exposure whilst wearing Breathing Apparatus.

The boots are issued in 2 styles; rubber and leather. The Fire fighter will wear either one depending on the type of incident they attend.

The gloves are the fire master three models and offer the fire fighter excellent thermal protection.