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Line Rescue Unit

The line rescue unit is a specialised unit containing storage solutions for a wide array of specialised line rescue equipment. This ensures technical line rescue operations can be safely undertaken in a variety of environments. 

The vehicle is crewed by a team of qualified, competent rope rescue operators. The main purpose of the unit is to provide a system to rescue members of the community and service personnel should they become trapped or incapacitated when working at height.

The unit also provides a rescue capability to enable our trained operators to gain access to confined and/or difficult places and to assist people who are trapped in areas below ground level such as mine shafts or crevices.The unit contains the following features:

  • ​An on board generator to provide scene lighting and back-up power.

  • Specialised storage for technical rescue equipment.

  • On-board meeting and briefing area.

  • Full washing facilities.