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​​Water Rescue

The service is a first responder for all types of water rescue. Our staff have been specifically trained and equiped to deal with wide spread flooding and rescues of persons from fast flowing water.
Water Rescue Training
​Through a variety of partnership working we are able to aid in all water bourne incidents. We have invested heavily in training and equipment to ensure we are at the cutting edge and are able to provide assistance and support where required.

Within the Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service area there are a total of nearly 31000 properties at risk of flooding. Of these nearly 24000 are at risk from river flooding and over 7000 at risk of tidal flooding.

In flooding situations, we have a duty where there is a risk to life or a risk of fire. There is often little we can do once any rescues have been carried out. When a building is flooded and floodwaters are still high outside, water will come straight back in if it is pumped out.

Never the less, as a fire service, we ensure all personnel have sufficent skills and knowledge to work safely and efficiently near water. As well as this we work closely with other agencies, utilities and responders on Local Resilience Forums and Regional Resilience Forums to plan strategies to protect the local communities and critical national Infrastructure.

​The floods of the summer of 2007 presented challenging circumstances for the Fire and Rescue Service and their partner organisations. Despite the excellent work carried out it was evident there was no clear and consistent structure within which all relevant organisations could operate.


Wales has been unique in the way that it dealt with recommendations that came from the review into the flood response. In 2010 an all Wales flood rescue group was formed from all the emergency services and volunteer agencies in the region.

Standardised procedures, equipment and training were developed, which will allow all agencies to respond to flooding incidents in a coordinated manner. This was proved at a major e​xercise in Bala in March 2011 and recently with the major flooding in Aberystwth, the response of which was hailed a success mainly due to the collaborative work that has been carried out.

To build on this work the Fire and Rescue Services in Wales have purchased all of their water rescue equipment in a collaborative manner. this enables full interoperability between the three services at any large scale flooding incident.​​​