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Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service attend over 2500 grass or wildfires a year. A wildfire is an uncontrolled area of vegetation which becomes alight. The terrain or geography of these Wildfires can vary in our service area and ranges from common land, mountain areas, forest and woodland and coastal cliff areas.

A wildfire can be categorised into two groups:

Category One – A fire which can be extinguished within 2 hours and not require anymore than the use of two service vehicles.

Category Two – A fire which requires more than two service vehicles or takes more than two hours to extinguish.

Over 80% of our wildfires are category one incidents. We are able to bring these under control quickly and effectively.

Category two incidents can be difficult and protracted. A category two incident requires fire control to mobilise a specialist Wildfire Officer. This officer will have the knowledge and expertise to request extra specialist equipment and vehicles like Helicopters, or 4x4 off road vehicles which can assist in extinguishing the fire safely and effectively.​​​


All of our crews are trained to use a wildfire prediction system. This system will assist them in identifying the safest and most advantageous location to fight the fire or create a control line to stop it spreading further.​

We use equipment like the beaters shown in the photograph. Water backpacks which can carry 20 litres of water or the hose reels off the fire appliances.​ The off road vehicles which are used at Wildfires include Rural Response Pumps and Landrovers. These vehicles can reach areas which a normal fire appliance would not be able to and therefore allow the fire-fighters to use their hose reels closer to the incident.

Wildfire TeamBy creating local fire groups which will consist of land owners, commoners and partner agencies such as the Forestry Commission​ and Countryside Council for Wales, we can assist with advice and resources to help with the removal of large quantities of dead vegetation which may have built up over a winter period.​

Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service has a dedicated Arson Reduction Team comprising of Fire and Police staff tasked with reducing deliberate fire setting within the Service area. The cost of arson in Wales runs into millions of pounds. however the costs go beyond the purely financial; arson ruins lives, devastates families, and degenerates whole areas of our communities including our countryside and wildlife habitat.