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​​​​Wider Ethnic Communities

We take pride in our work in raising awareness of home fire safety within BME communities. This is carried out through a number of projects, often working alongside agencies and partners. A multi agency approach allows the Fire Service to deliver specific fire safety advice to meet the needs of the community.

​As a Fire Service we recognise and accept all backgrounds, cultures and faiths. Our purpose is to break down any cultural barriers and engage with the most vulnerable groups in our communities.

​Ethnic Youth Support Team

We have a long standi​ng relationship with the Ethnic Youth Support Team in Swansea and have carried out lots of successful projects including:

Home Fire Safety Talks

We visit the youth centre in Swansea to meet up with young people and build relationships to help deliver fire safety messages.

Raising the profile of the Fire Service

Giving the young adults from the Muslim community an insight to the various roles and duties expected within the Fire Service for any future recruitment opportunities.  

Firefighter for the Day

This project is one of the most popular for our students. The one day course allows pupils to try out various challenges and activities at a fire station, including team building and improving self confidence using specially modified Fire Service equipment for young people.

Home fire safety volunteering project 

This project involves training volunteers to carry out Home Fire Safety Checks within their community, ensuring all homes and properties have adequate smoke alarms.

​​Llanelli Multicultural Network Group​

English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)

We are currently developing further resources to deliver fire safety lesson plans to ESOL students who are new in the UK and often have very little fire safety knowledge and low level English understaning.

Fire Station Visits

We arranged for the group to visit Llanelli Fire Station and learn about work of the Fire Service.

Home Fire Safety Presentations

We have delivered presentations, accommodating the needs of the group, covering topics such as fire safety in the home and dialling 999 in an emergency. Students need to be aware of the fire safety requirements for living in the UK.

Fire Safety Campaigns 

Delivering specific fire safety advice that meets the needs of the community ensuring that the message is meaningful to this specific group.

​​​Gypsy/Traveller Communities​

Phoenix Project

Recent work with various sites in our Service has allowed us to run some successful projects through the Gypsy/Traveller units within some Comprehensive Schools. These initiatives have been built on maintaining good relationships with the pupils, allowing them to develop and learn new skills and also giving them the knowledge of fire safety advice to take home and discuss within their community.

School Visits

We have visited the educational units and talked to the young people about the fire service, incorporating lessons on home fire safety, arson reduction, road traffic collisions and coordinating Firefighter for a Day activities.​

​Chinese Community

Home Fire Safety Presentations

Collaborating with Chinese interpreters from the local community we deliver home fire safety presentations to sheltered accommodation. This enables the older people in the communit​y to learn more about safety precautions whilst cooking and using candles.

Firefighter for the day

We are currently coordinating future projects with the young members of the Chinese community such as Firefighter for the Day and other Fire Service initiatives to help with team building and raising self confidence.