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Objective 10 - To Make Best Use of our Assets and Resources.​​

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Where are we now?
We have undertaken several efficiency exercises over the years, resulting in significant savings and efficiency of operations. However these exercises have not extended to looking outwards to other organisations’ detailed cost comparisons per head, or examined best practice across the UK and internationally on all areas of work.

What are we planning to do and why?
In order to ensure that all business decisions are transparent, sound and consistent, in line with the restrictions of the current economic environment. We need to fully understand our service in terms of costs, and ensure that we identify the most appropriate allocation of resources to provide the desired level and range of services at least cost.
To ensure maximum efficiency and sustainability in these austere times.
How and when are we going to deliver this?
We will undertake a comprehensive examination of our spend, comparing with others, and establish a forward planning model for both assets and resources.

We will complete the work within the year 2016/17 in order to shape and inform our decision-making for 2017/18.
How will we measure success?
We will monitor progress with full involvement of Members and report improvements in comparative costs or value for money.
The production of a sustainable Medium Term Financial Plan and Asset Management Plan.
What will this mean to you?
This will call on expertise in various areas of work and put added pressure on the relevant departments, however we will monitor this and allocate resources accordingly. The work will however result in a full understanding of the service we provide, what we want to provide and at what cost, and allow resource decisions to flow from this to best effect for a sustainable Fire and Rescue Service moving forward.