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​Objective 6 - To conduct a detailed and strategic assessment of the area that we serve analysing development plans, growth areas, labour market statistics, the economy and demography.​​​

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Where are we now?
There are a number of factors which affect the area that we serve. Many of these factors such as population, demographics and places of work are constantly changing, they also vary significantly from the more urban areas in the South to remote rural areas in parts of the North and West. Growth, development and investment decisions across the six counties all affect the delivery of our services. The provision and location of new housing, employment opportunities, road networks and many other aspects influence the framework for how we provide best value to our customers. It is therefore a critical consideration for Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service in forecasting future demands and expectations on our services that due consideration is given to each of these influencing matters across the six constituent authorities that are served.
What are we planning to do and why?
We will obtain data and information from a variety of trusted sources to provide us with a clear assessment of our Service area. This will include analysing data from Census 2011 to help us better understand the people that we serve; studying Local Development Plans; and The Wales Spatial Plan to identify the areas of development and growth across mid and west Wales. We will study tourism data and labour market statistics to calculate fluctuations and movements of people across the region at certain times of the day and year. We need to fully understand the area that we serve, recognising the differences across the vast 12000 sqkm that we deliver to, ensuring that the information for our risk review is relevant, current and accurate.

This will allow our risk review (also an objective for 2016/17, see objective no 4) to be fully informed in what we need to deliver to ensure that we are able to provide the very best value service to our communities.
How and when are we going to deliver this?
This objective is a research led objective to ensure that we are better informed to serve our area. The research data and information will allow us to input accurate and current information to our risk review to ensure that our resources provide best value for money for the citizens and the area.
We will complete the Strategic Assessment during 2016/17 which will feed the requirements of the risk review (objective 4).

How we will measure success?
A successful strategic assessment will enable an  accurate  risk  review  and  allow  for  a  better understanding of the area that we will serve in the coming years. We will then monitor and report our performance in line with the Welsh Government’s Performance Indicators for the Welsh Fire and Rescue Services.

What will this mean to you?
Our customers will be better informed on the risks that we face now and in the coming years. Our communities will also be reassured that we are providing best value as our resources are commensurate to the risks across our area.