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Objective 8 - To promote economic sustainability within our business community.​​

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Where are we now?
Our Business Fire Safety Activities have traditionally been directed towards ensuring compliance with the legislative framework presented by the various statutory instruments. This has been delivered  through  a  risk- based audit  and  inspection  programme  where  business  premises  are  visited  according  to  the  assessed  level of risk to life they pose.

We provide consultant services and advice to statutory partners in Local Authority Licensing and Building Control and work in  conjunction  with  the  Health  and  Safety  Executive,  Crown  Inspectors  and  Natural Resources Wales.
In terms of Procurement we are encouraged by the Welsh Government to maximise access by Small and Medium Enterprises (SME’s) to our contracts through the Opening Doors charter and the Wales Public Procurement Policy. There is a possibility that some best practice guidance could become statutory.
What are we planning to do and why?
We would like to apply a sharper focus on ensuring businesses can develop and remain in operation and find ways to reduce the regulatory burden placed on businesses.
We know that many SME’s do not survive a fire and commence trading again, our protection activities will ensure that the advice given is of the highest quality, our enforcement activity is proportionate to the risk posed by the business and that the time taken to conduct our interactions with business is kept to the minimum necessary. Through our procurement activities we can educate and engage with SME’s , and structure tenders such that there is potentially greater access to tenders and work.
Through our business fire safety audit programme we plan to support, develop and guide the business community in order to promote economic sustainability. We want to encourage economic sustainability and cohesive communities in line with the Well-being of Future Generations Act.

How and when are we going to deliver this?
  • ​We will extend our business fire safety audit programme to include the provision of support and guidance to businesses.
  • We will amend the way in which we deliver our routine compliance activities to business by implementing the short audit process.
  • We will look to increase our involvement with Primary Authority Schemes to reduce regulatory burden and increase consistency.
  • We will increase emphasis across the organisation on the need to consider the impacts of procurement as early as possible in line with these strategic objectives.
We will develop and deliver these initiatives dynamically throughout 2016/17.

How will we measure success?
  • ​Customer feedback and evaluation.
  • Incidence of fire in the built environment and subsequent loss prevention.
  • The percentage business placed with Small and Medium Enterprises.
What will this mean to you?
Businesses will be more resilient and sustainable and have increased levels of legislative compliance within a reduced regulatory burden.
The advice given to businesses will be more consistent across geographical areas and will increase awareness through education.

The users and employees of premises will be safer through the measures incorporated and maintained by our consultative and regulatory actions.

SMEs will understand the needs of the organisation and will be better placed to tender.
Economic sustainability will be promoted as a result.