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Objective 4 - The Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 and our role in Public Service Boards.​​

Where are we now?
We welcome the introduction of the innovative and visionary Well Being of Future
Generations (Wales) 2015 Act. We are fully committed to the legislation and what it is designed to achieve. We support the creation of Public Service Boards (PSBs) and take our role as a statutory partner very seriously. Indeed, we see this as an opportunity for partners to achieve common purpose through true collaboration for the benefit of our communities.

The legislation requires the statutory partners and invited participants to conduct a Well-being Assessment of its area and to produce a Well-being Plan for delivery, which supports the overarching Well-being Goals identified within the Act. This should be achieved utilsing the principle of ‘Sustainable Development’.

What are we planning to do and why?

Currently, public bodies deliver their respective service to the public relatively independently. Whilst a fair degree of collaboration takes place for the benefit of our communities (some excellent examples of initiatives exist that are positively making a difference), the current model doesn’t always provide an efficient, effective and coherent service.

Also, decisions are taken which don’t necessarily consider the longer term and the impact that today’s decisions may have on future generations. The legislation sets out to achieve a much more forward thinking approach to service delivery which we fully support.

Public Service Boards have now been formed and their structures established. They have developed their terms of reference and have produced short-term interim objectives whilst the new Well-being Assessment is being conducted and the longer-term Well-being Plan developed. We are fully committed to this process and we have Director level representation at each PSB and we take a fully pro-active part. We are also ensuring that we provide the appropriate representaiton and resource requirements to the sub-groups that exist to support the PSBs.

How and when are we going to deliver this?
The Well-being Assessment and Plans will be produced within the first year (2017/2018) and common objectives will be agreed for PSB partners to commit to. Each statutory partner must ensure that the PSB objectives are incorporated within the ethos of the services they provide in order to develop and improve the health and well-being of the communities they serve.
How will we measure success?
A partnership plan which will benefit the local community will be developed. For the Fire and Rescue Services this should reduce duplication across the six Unitary Authorities and enable us to support and contribute to the seven Well-being goals. Success factors and indicators will be performance measured via the scrutiny arrangements in place via the Local Authorities and our own Fire Authority. This will ensure that the success factors and Well-being outcomes identified have been delivered for the benefit of the public.
What will this mean to you?
This will enable us to focus our prevention, protection and response arrangements to those communities and individuals in most need. We have therefore incorporated the seven Well-being goals into our Corporate plan.​

Which Well-being goals does this objective align to?