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Objective 10 - To Make Best Use of our Assets and Resources.​​

Where are we now?
It is the statutory duty of Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service to provide the citizens of the region with an effective Fire and Rescue Service that is mobilised efficiently to emergencies, keeping people safe from fires and other dangers. We are committed to improving the safety and quality of life for residents and visitors to the region and in doing so we aim to ensure that our assets and resources are suitable, sufficient and central to our decision-making processes. 

What are we planning to do and why?
We intend to ensure that our vehicles, equipment and property assets are procured, renewed and replaced to meet our current and future business needs. Our assets and resources will meet user requirements and the needs of the communities we serve.  We will do this by ensuring that our capability and effectiveness is aligned to our Risk Review and Strategic Assessment findings. We will also ensure that our funding arrangements are aligned to deliver the best outcomes over the life of the assets.
How and when are we going to deliver this?
  • ​We will continually examine our spend and financing arrangements for our assets via our Strategic Asset and Capital Management Group and establish a forward planning model for both assets and resources.
  • We will maintain cost effective and timely processes for repair and maintenance, commissioning, decommissioning and disposal of existing assets. We will extend opportunities for collaboration with our partners and review opportunities and developments in technology that will support our asset and resource management programme.
How will we measure success?
  • ​We will monitor progress with full involvement of employees and the Fire Authority and report improvements in comparative costs or value for money.
  • Our Medium Term Financial Plan will align to our reviewed Sustainable Asset Management Plan.
What will this mean to you?
The work will ensure a full understanding of the services we provide and at what cost, and allow resource decisions to support a sustainable Fire and Rescue Service moving forward. Value for money will be at the heart of the arrangements made for the provision of our vehicles, equipment and property assets. 

Which Well-being goals does this objective align to?