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Objective 11 - To use technology to innovate, collaborate and empower.

Where are we now?
Navigating today's ever changing public sector environment is a remarkably complex task and at some point almost every route leads directly to information technology (IT). Therefore, putting IT to work in the most effective way possible across an organisation can address changing business needs and support great transformational opportunities.

As the tools, techniques and cost structures that have traditionally surrounded the information and technology environment are no longer delivering the desired results in the modern digital world, there is a clear shift towards new delivery models and technologies such as Software as a Service and cloud based computing.

The Service has already adopted some cloud based IT systems and other new delivery models for IT are being explored. However, it is essential to make further progress and deliver the right IT solutions to unleash new opportunities for success.
What are we planning to do and why?
  • ​We will deploy IT solutions that better support technical innovation, collaboration opportunities and empower stakeholders, whilst also having the agility to address new business needs.
  • The extended use of advanced information and communication technologies will improve our business processes and secure operating efficiencies, benefiting employees and stakeholders alike.
  • When systems and data are owned by different Departments and functions are on a range of platforms with differing arrangements and access requirements, it can be difficult to invest at scale and generate sufficient economies.
  • Connecting internal processes to create a seamless experience for the end user, be it employees, citizens or business partners is important to create a progressive information technology environment. The provision of new IT solutions will therefore also attempt to integrate IT components, processes and system ownership as far as possible.
How and when are we going to deliver this?
Digital transformation requires changes to both business processes and IT systems which can sometimes be challenging to implement. To do so, we need to take digital transformations deeper, beyond just the provision of online services and into the broader business of the Service itself.
  • We will pursue opportunities to innovate, collaborate, empower, increase scale and improve process efficiency based upon the following key themes:
  • A Digital Organisation – Efficient IT solutions will be pursued that streamline existing corporate level business processes, be they manual in nature or already IT based.
  • A Digital Workforce – Access to and the availability of IT solutions that deliver information to the workforce from office, fireground and remote locations will be improved.
  • A Digital Public – Enhancements will be made to the digital delivery of information and online services to the public.
  • Digital Governance – A digital approach to managing the governance requirements of the Service and Fire Authority will be adopted.
  • Information Security – Solutions that enhance the security of the Service’s IT infrastructure and the integrity of it data will be sought.
How will we measure success?
Digitisation is a process with significant challenges for security and privacy, availability, and reliability, but the benefits already experienced from previous digitisation projects indicate that it has the potential to lead development towards the new digital age. We will measure our successes based upon increased accessibility to IT systems, improved reliability of IT systems, enhanced security of data and through business efficiency gains.​

What will this mean to you?
Successful completion of the identified themes will ultimately result in enhanced security and robustness for the Service and improvement in our delivery of services to the public. The business process benefits delivered will also make for a better working environment for all staff and departments.​

Which Well-being goals does this objective align to?