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Objective 4 - Our role in Public Service Boards and the implementation of their Well-being Plans.

Where are we now?
Following the introduction of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015, we have embraced our role as a statutory partner within each of our six Public Service Boards.

Well-being Assessments, consultations and public engagement events across each Public Service Board area have informed the Well-being priorities, of each Public Service Board’s Well-being Plan which will be published by May 2018. Each Well-being Plan outlines how the PSB will collectively utilize the five ways of working to improve well-being in each local area and contribute towards the national well-being goals.

What are we planning to do and why?
As a statutory partner, we will assist in the delivery of each of our Public Service Board’s Wellbeing Objectives, working collaboratively with our partners, to support the aims and priorities of the Plans.

We will continue to provide services and advice to our partners, share learning experiences and best practice where required, as well as use our resources in a collaborative way with Public Service Board partners to find new ways of dealing with old and historic problems and reduce duplication, to better meet the needs of our communities. 

How and when are we going to deliver this?
The PSB Well-being Plans are to be published by May 2018. As a statutory partner, we will:
  • ​Ensure that relevant objectives from each Public Service Board are incorporated within our business processes. 
  • Work with our partners to identify areas of mutual interest that will help fulfil the requirements of each of the Well-being Plans.
  • Co-ordinate and synchronise our approach with our PSB partners to ensure we provide our communities with the best service possible.
  • Continue to embed the ethos of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015 across the Service.
How will we measure success?
Success factors and indicators will be performance measured via the scrutiny arrangements in place within Local Authorities, our own Fire Authority, Welsh Government and the Future Generations Commissioner. This will ensure that the Well-being objectives identified across our six Wellbeing Plans, have been delivered for the benefit of the public, utilising the Sustainable Development Principle and thinking about the long-term impacts for future generations. 
What will this mean to you?
Improved Service Delivery for our communities, through collaborative working with Public Service Board partners. 

Which Well-being goals does this objective align to?