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​Objective 6 - Implementation of options developed from the Service Review Programme.

Where are we now?
The Service Review Programme is an evidence based and risk led approach, designed to ensure our resources are effectively and efficiently matched to the prevailing risk of the communities we serve.

Within last year’s Annual Improvement Plan (2017/18), we completed several significant pieces of work to create a solid foundation for continuous improvement across the Service.
These were:
  • ​The creation of a suite of evidence based options in relation to the 11 departments within the Service.
  • The development of specific options relating to the On-Call sector.
  • The procurement of an integrated software platform.    
Phase 1 of the Service Review Programme consisted of data collection and analysis which, when combined with professional judgement and horizon scanning, enabled us to turn information into intelligence.

During Phase 2, this intelligence was then utilised in conjunction with the professional judgement of our people, to develop robust and sustainable options. Options were developed across five strands of Organisational Improvement:
  • ​Business Improvement
  • Process Improvement
  • Cost Avoidance
  • Cashable Savings
  • Invest to Save
What are we planning to do and why?
We are now planning to undertake Phase 3 of the Service Review Programme, which will see the implementation of options that have been considered across all departments, functions and response activities.

Our work will involve making Service-wide improvements as we strive to maximise efficiency and ensure that our resources are effectively matched to the prevailing risk of the communities we serve, thereby continuing to provide excellent value for money.

How and when are we going to deliver this?
Implementation of options will commence within 2018/19 with further considerations informing decision making from 2019 onwards.

How we will measure success?
We will measure the success through formative and summative evaluation of implemented options, measuring the difference between expected and actual outcomes.

We will engage with WG Academi Wales’ continuous improvement team to benchmark our methodology of approach and continuous improvement activities. 

What will this mean to you?
This work will ensure that as a public-sector body within Wales, we are as effective and efficient as possible in delivering high quality future services to the public, that demonstrate excellent value for money.

Which Well-being goals does this objective align to?