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Stay safe on the roads this winter

01/12/2017 09:00

Spend the festive period with your loved ones and not with us.

As the temperature drops, MAWWFRS would like to alert everyone to the dangers of cold weather conditions, particularly on the road.

The Road Safety Team is urging all drivers to consider their routes and bear in mind that rural roads and lanes are particularly dangerous in icier conditions. Remember to give yourself plenty of time you need to drive with care, especially in the event of unexpected hold-ups.

Deputy Head of Community Safety, Steve Davies advises, “Driving during poor wintry conditions requires a different approach and by making some simple changes to driving habits, drivers can reduce their chances of being involved in a collision”

He added, “At this time of year, driving conditions can be treacherous.  I urge motorists to be prepared to drive with care and adjust their driving to suit the conditions” 

Please bear in mind the following points when driving this winter: 

  • Check forecasts and traffic news, both local and national 

  • Keep your windscreen clear and regularly top up your washer bottle with screen wash, keep windows and mirrors thoroughly demisted and clear of ice and snow. 

  • Get your car ready for winter and treat it to a winter service. Breakdowns are more common at this time of year 

  • Inform someone of your intended route and time of arrival 

  • Keep your distance. Stopping distances are ten times longer in ice and snow 

  • Drive gently in icy conditions. Avoid harsh braking and acceleration or sharp steering and most importantly remember to reduce your speed.

  • Put together a winter emergency kit containing the following essential items: ice-scraper and de-icer, a high-visibility vest, warning triangle, mobile phone for use only when parked, torch, snacks, bottled water, blanket, warm clothes, boots and a first-aid kit.

Corporate Head of Prevention & Protection, Mydrian Harries

“At this time of year where the weather makes driving more hazardous, along with increased volumes of traffic as we approach the Christmas holiday period, road traffic collisions are more likely to occur.  I would appeal to everyone that drive on our roads to take extra care; by allowing more time for their journeys, as well as refraining from using any mobile devices as we know it distracts the driver’s level of concentration and is a contributory factor in road traffic collisions”.

For more information on Winter Road Safety please click he​re, or please contact the Road Safety Team at​