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Kate Mills

Kate has worked with young people for the past six years, within different fields. Beginning as a volunteer at a local youth club in Port Talbot, she was offered a position within the organisation after 6 months of volunteering. Inspired by this experience, having discovered a love for working with young people and wishing to further her knowledge, she went on to study and attained a Level 4 qualification in Youth and Community Work. 

“During my studies, I gained experience of working on different projects and clubs which enriched my knowledge of working with young people. 

In 2014, I was fortunate enough to start my career with Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service by working on the Crimes and Consequences project, I have loved every minute of it! The Crimes and Consequences project has come a long way since we first set it up in 2014, everyone on the team has worked very hard to reach targets and make the project a success. 

The job itself can be challenging due to the nature of the young people that we work with; however, it is very rewarding and very enjoyable. 

Since being employed by MAWWFRS I have gained experience on many training courses and achieved qualifications in various subjects, to keep my knowledge up to date and to learn of new and innovative aspects of our field of work. 

In 2016 I began working with in Bryncoch Youth Club every Thursday evening, under the employment of Neath Port Talbot Council. This has helped me further my knowledge of working with young people and has allowed me to make strong links between MAWWFRS and NPT council.”