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Young Firefighters

​Young Fighters was established at Morriston Fire Station. Twenty-four 13 to 14 year olds were recruited from local comprehensive schools in the area. Due to the success of the first branch, other schemes have been set up and at present there are ten branches throughout the Mid and West Wales Fire Service area.

Aims & Objectives

  • ​To enable young people to integrate with the Fire and Rescue Service.

  • To improve communication between the Fire and Rescue Service a​nd the communities they serve.

  • To develop b​etter relationships between youths, the Fire and Rescue Service and other emergency services. 

  • To promote self discipline, social consciousness and community awareness. 

  • To hopefully improve future recruitment to the emergency services. 

  • To increase fire and community safety awareness.

  • ​Squad drill - This teaches us how to line up smartly, march, shout orders and receive orders from the instructors in the same way as people in the Army, Navy and Air-Force. It helps develop confidence, discipline and team working.

  • Ladder-work - We learn how to put up Fire Service ladders, how to climb up (ascend) and climb down (descend). We learn about the different parts of a ladder, the instructions and the correct safety techniques so we don't get hurt using the equipment. 

  • Hose and pump drills - We learn how to run out, under-run and make up different sizes of hose. We are taught how to connect hose to hydrants, pumps, branches, other hose and how to replace burst lengths, add lengths, remove lengths and haul it aloft.

  • Knots & lines - We learn how to tie knots in lines to secure Fire Service equipment and to carry out rescues. We learn to tie knots in the light and with our eyes shut and in the darkness which is not easy but it's fun.

  • Pump operation - We learn how to operate the pump at the back of a fire engine to supply water to the fire-ground. We have to learn about different water supplies such as hydrants, rivers, streams and EWS's (Emergency Water Supplies).

  • First Aid - We are taught to deal with subjects like basic life support, unconscious casualties, treatment for burns, bleeding and bandaging and other matters. We are assessed by first aid instructors and receive first-aid certificates.

  • Community Safety - We don't just learn on the drill yard but also in the classroom. We are taught about community safety issues such as the dangers of fire-works.

  • Breathing apparatus - Once we've completed basic training and we are tall and strong enough, we can learn about the breathing apparatus sets that fire-fighters wear to enter burning buildings so that they can breathe in the poisonous smoke.

  • Casualty Handling - We learn how to move injured people either on our own or as part of a team. We learn about their safety and our own safety so we don't injure ourselves whilst trying to help them.

  • Search techniques - We learn how to move in smoke and darkness which would be useful, if we were caught in a fire situation. We practice searching for casualties blindfolded and in buildings we are not familiar with which helps us develop out confidence and communication when we work as teams.

  • Charity events - We undertake different activities to help others e.g. Sponsored walks and car washes.

  • Special events - for example drills for medal ceremonies.

Appropriate Fire and Rescue Service training is given to young people, usually between the ages of 12 and 16 years. Training includes operational drills, first aid, fire safety education, leadership and much more. Young people:

  • Form an interest in the Fire and Rescue Service.

  • Develop self confidence.

  • Develop respect for their communities.

  • Work as part of a team.

  • Receive adult respect and support.

  • Receive assistance with personal development by gaining qualification

​Please return completed application form to:

Elaine Williams,
Youth Development Officer,
Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service,
Fire Service Headquarters,
Lime Grove Avenue,
​SA31 3SP​

Indicate clearly which branch of Young Fire Fighters you wish to apply for.

You can download the Application Form found below, fill it in and either send it back to us on an email to or print it out and post it to us on the above address.

Application Form​

To request further details please use the online 'Contact Us' form.