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Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service Magazine


We want to hear from you.

As a Service we have already                         this quarter         3759
saved £9 million - ​nearly 20%                       we have
of our budget since 2006.                            attended:-           INCIDENTS

Future savings could impact on the way we             April to June 2017
deliver our services and have implications for
the safety of our communities.

Our website outlines the savings we’ve
already made and identifies some of the
challenges we may face in the future.

We would like to invite you to get involved in
the debate and share your opinions on the
value you place on our services and what we
should do to protect them.

You can do this by taking part in our on-line

                                                     1184 469

                                                     Home Fires Accidental Fires

                                                        218               715

                                                     Road Traffic         Deliberate Fires

                                                     25 725

                                                     Flooding             Medical
                                                      Incidents             Incidents

                                                     Figures Correct to 30/06/17

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