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Issue1 | Summer 2017                                     HAVE YOU GOT WHAT IT TAKES?
                  2 	 Chief Fire Officer Welcome			
                      	 Chris Davies QFSM MBA            OFRINERC-ECRFAUIGLITLHMTEERNT

3 	 Chair of the Fire Authority 			
	 Councillor Rowland Rees-Evans

7 	 Queen’s Fire Service Medal 			                                           |

	 Chief Fire Officer Chris Davies 				
	 awarded Queen’s Fire Service Medal.

9 	Cruz Cymru 						

	 MAWWFRS launched a new event at 			

	 The Royal Welsh Showground	

10 	 Compact Appliance 				

	 Innovative Compact Appliance.

13	Disability Forum 					

	 Meet the Members of the Service’s 			

	 Disability Forum.	

14 	 Operation Dawns Glaw 			                     	

	 Multi agency task force successfully 			

	 reduce deliberate grass fire numbers in Wales.

17 	 History Made 					

	 Three female firefighters crew Wholetime		

	 Fire Appliance at Llanelli Station.

19 	 Bracken Harvesting 				Contact Us

	 Innovative approach to reduce grass
	 fires in Wales.	
21 	  HSeyrdvicroeglaeunncVheHhyidcrolegeLnaCuenllcVheh	icle 		0370 6060699


22 	 News in Brief                      

24 	 Careers                                      Stay up to date with News,
25 	 Recruitment                                  Alerts, Activities, Promotions
26 	 What’s On                                    and Safety Messages.

27 	 Join the Conversation

28	 Campaign Calendar		

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