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   Chris Davies QFSM MBA
   Chief Fire Officer

   It gives me great pleasure to                    communities being unquestionable. Our
   welcome you all to this first edition            efforts in developing and delivering a variety
   of our new quarterly magazine -                  of interventions across our Service area
   Calon Tân.                                       means that the number of fires we attend
                                                    has never been lower. Ranging from our
   I am exceptionally proud of this Service and     HFC programme, (delivering on average
   delighted at every opportunity to formally and   20k checks per year), now developing into
   informally, praise the work of all of you - and  the wider safe well and independent living
   I’m always keen to showcase some of the          visits, through to our varied community safety
   incredible work we do too.                       engagement programmes of the Fire Cadets
                                                    and Phoenix courses to name just two. With
   When asking anyone about the Fire and            over 105k young people having accessed
   Rescue Service, their first instinct is to       these and our wider education programmes.
   talk about the emergency response, our
   attendance at fires, rescuing people from        This has been achieved in addition to making
   fires, RTC’s, flooding etc. This, as we all      savings of £9million - which equates to 20%
   know is, extremely important and the core        efficiencies over the last 10 years.
   role of the service. However, much of our
   equally important work goes unnoticed,           There is no avoiding the fact that we are
   with the positive impact it has on your          now entering an even more challenging
                                                    financial future and like many of our public
                                                    sector colleagues, we are undertaking a
                                                    comprehensive review of our operational and
                                                    support functions, in order to maintain our
                                                    current provision.

                                                    Despite these challenges, the content of this
                                                    edition demonstrates that we are continuing
                                                    to deliver a cost effective, high quality and
                                                    high performing Service. It also demonstrates
                                                    our commitment to collaboration and
                                                    adapting to challenges in a proactive
                                                    way - and more importantly, continuing to
                                                    find innovative solutions to improve our
                                                    operational response and community safety
                                                    engagement. An incident like the Grenfell
                                                    Towers fire in London last month is a stark

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