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reminder of what firefighters in the        FAChair
UK are trained to deal with - and our
Service is no exception. We need to         Councillor Rowland Rees-Evans
ensure our crews are trained in the best    Chair of the Fire Authority
way to ensure their safety, and provided
with the best equipment so they can         I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce
operate to the highest standards.           myself as your new Fire Authority Chair. I
                                            am immensely privileged to be afforded this
Our thoughts and prayers are with those     opportunity and to act in the best interests of
who lost their lives in London, or have     Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service
been affected by this incident. I would     and on behalf of the communities it serves,
also like to offer my admiration to the     in forming a highly effective and capable Fire
London Fire Brigade and the wider           and Rescue Service.
multi-agency response - your efforts        I am extremely proud of the work of this
in the scale of what you faced were         Service, much of which is showcased within
commendable.                                the pages of this magazine, and I look forward
                                            to working with you all over the coming year.
I also recognise that listening to your     On behalf of myself, my Deputy Chair, Jan
views is crucial if we are to continue      Curtice, and all your Elected Members, I’d like
to deliver an effective, efficient and      to remind you that we are here to represent
improved Service to keep you and your       you. I would encourage you to get to know
family safe. I would like to invite you to  your local Elected Members - you can access
get involved in the debate and share        our contact details via the Service website.
your opinions on the value you place on     Councillor Rowland Rees-Evans
our services and what we should do to       Chair of the Fire Authority
protect them. You can do this by taking
part in our online survey [link].                                   3

I look forward to hearing your views
and I hope you enjoy this first edition of
Calon Tân.

Chris Davies QFSM MBA
Chief Fire Officer
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