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GWYBODOeddech Chi’n               We cover the largest area
    KNDOidWYou                    in England and Wales

                                  Approximately 900,000 people live within our Service area

                                  however, this number swells to over 1.5 million as a result of tourism

                                  Grass and forestry fires  Since 2006, our attendance

     aWreoauttenndd                7%makes up around        at deliberate fires  77%
                                                            has REDUCED
 200-300                          of our annual activity
                                                            at accidental fires  43%
     chimney fires every year                               has REDUCED

Our response to                                             29%at fires in dwellings

1%Hoax Calls was just                                       has REDUCED

of our activity in 2016/17                                  at fires in          58%
                   this has been
                                                            premises has
      93%reduced by                                         REDUCED

                  since 2006

Over the last 5 years             Over the last 5 years we  ALL THIS COSTS
 we have delivered                 have engaged with over      YOU JUST

105,000                           160,000                   £4

Home Safety Checks                 young people through a   EVERY MONTH
to our communities.               variety of education and
                                  prevention programmes.
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