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4Wethahve thleowest                      Population density across                           Almost half the
                                              stations varies from                                coastline in
   ‘cost per station’                                                                              Wales falls
                                           8 people per km square                                       within
         in England and Wales                 in Llanwrtyd Wells
                                                        to                                 OUR AREA
  3Werhadve thhe ighest
                                            2526 per km square in                                      approximately
      ‘population sparsity’                    Swansea Central.                             650 kilometres of coast

         in England and Wales             Approximately                                2Wenaredthecheapest
          Our medical response
          activity, via co-responder      185,000                                       cost per sq km’
                                                                                                 across England and Wales
   64%schemes, has increased by           people travel less than 10km to
                   2si0n0c6e              work across our area each day.          130a0pwp0eervoeaixrtniytmeycnaetdiaedrlyents

8% of our activity,                             84,000 people travel                   The total number of
                                                                                         Fires we attend
approximately 1000 incidents every year,               10km-30km across our               every year has
are Road Traffic Collisions                            Service area each day
                                                                                    67%has reduced by
  Since 2006 attendance at Road Traffic         39,000 people travel                        since 2006

39%Collisions has decreased by                         more than 30km across our
                                                       Service area each day

                                                56,000 people across

                                                      our Service area work from
                                                      home each day

by 20%Since 2006 we have reduced our budget
that’s £9 million
We have achieved this by reducing our expenditure on:                     

                  Station based crewing by £3,630,000
                          Staffing by £1,971,000

     Improving our business processes which saved £3,416,000
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