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   Many people think they will never be                     TOP TIPS
   involved in a fire – and most of us
   think everyone has a smoke alarm in               •	 Test your alarm regularly – we
   their home.
                                                          recommend once a week. Follow
   But this is not the case – fires can strike any        #TestItTuesday #ReasonsToTest on
   time, anywhere. In fact, in three out of ten           Twitter.
   dwelling fires that occur in Wales, there is NO
   smoke alarm installed at all.                     •	 Never remove the battery unless

   The three Fire and Rescue Services in Wales            replacing it with a new one.
   teamed up with Wrexham Glyndwr University
   and a well known North Wales based singer-        •	 Do Not take your smoke alarm
   songwriter to commission and produce an
   original short animation - ‘Reasons to Test’ -          down, or put it in a drawer and
   to highlight the importance of regularly testing        forget about it – you would be
   smoke alarms.                                           surprised how many people do this.

   Follow our TOP TIPS to ensure your smoke           •	 If it does not work or beeps when
   alarm gives you the best chance of escape
                                                           it really should not – then contact us
   Click here to watch the video. Help us                  for a replacement.
   spread the word - please like, share and
   retweet.                                           •	 Make Sure you practice an

                                                            escape plan in the event that it does
                                                            go off.

                                                      •	 Even hardwired smoke alarms

                                                            need testing – they have a backup
                                                             battery in case of a power cut.

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