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            for the Future

            Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service is
            consulting on its plans and priorities for the next five

            years as part of its Draft Corporate Plan 2018 - 2023.

            The consultation has been open since 3rd           “Ultimately, we need to ensure we have the
            October 2017 and you have until Friday 8th         right people, in the right places, at the right
            December 2017 to have your say and help us         times to ensure we can provide the services
            plan for the future.                               you need when you need them.
            Chief Fire Officer, Chris Davies said: “We         “The Service’s Draft Improvement Objectives
            believe that we are extremely good value for       are outlined in more detail on our website –
            money, however we know that we are going  along with our online
            to have to continue to play our part in future     questionnaire, where you can share your
            budget reductions. We think it is important to     views and help shape the future of your Fire
            have an ongoing, open discussion with the          Service.
            public about the services we provide and how       Whilst this is a formal process for consulting,
            we can continue to make improvements and           we would also encourage people to use
            future savings.
                                                               Facebook and Twitter to have informal
            “We remain committed to adapting to                conversations.”
            these challenges in positive ways through          We will also be hosting a series of Road Show
            improving our use of technology, using             Events to discuss our Draft Corporate Plan
            innovative solutions to improve the way we         2018 – 2023 with our communities.
            resolve operational incidents; and to connect,
            collaborate and empower our staff and our

             Over the last five years we have attended:

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