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The core function of the level 3 Rope Team          Both my daughters are proud of my role as
             is to provide enhanced rescue capabilities,         a Firefighter, my youngest daughter, Ffion, is
             such as; scaling buildings and cliffs, building     my shadow, and talks about growing up to
             technical rope rescue systems across rivers,        become a Firefighter just like ‘her daddy’.
             rescuer/rescue skills, and launching rescues        It is an amazing feeling to have this level
             over embankments to retrieve people or              of job satisfaction, but if my family didn’t
             animals who are trapped”.                           support my decisions then I wouldn’t be able

             “In December 2017, on an exceptionally foggy        to do what I do”.
             night; facing gusts of wind, and pouring rain,      If you would like to find out more about what
             we attended an incident in Cwm Ifan Bach,           life is like as a Firefighter please visit our
             where a young spaniel went over the edge of         recruitment page on our website here.
             the ravine. It was a 30 metre, straight drop,
             with a rapid and fast-flowing river below, with
             no way of his owner reaching him without
             endangering herself…

             This is where we came in!
             Along with crews from Swansea and Neath
             & Port Talbot, the crew from Pontardawe
             applied their Level 3 Rope Rescue skills to
             securely anchor the rescue lines above the
             drop, to safely lower the rescuers down into
             the ravine to retrieve the - by that point - very
             distressed spaniel. We safely retrieved the
             dog, without any harm caused to him or his

             This is the reason that I take so much pride in
             my job, because I know the skills that I teach
             gives our firefighters the capabilities and
             resilience to ensure the public’s safety”.
             Having dedicated the past 20 years to the
             Service, Darren cannot stress enough just
             how important the support he receives from
             his family is:
             “Every decision that I make career-wise is
             a joint decision between myself and my
             wife. There is no way that I could devote
             so much time to the Fire Service if it were
             not for the support system I have at home.

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