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Think before

                      you flip!

            Get out the eggs and flour, it’s that time again - Shrove Tuesday is upon us!
            When you are distracted by the thought of a delicious, warm pancake, sprinkled with lemon juice
            and sugar, fire safety may not be the first thing on your mind. The excitement and entertainment
            of flipping pancakes makes it very easy to forget that the stove is on.

                However, fires involving hot fat and oil can be devastating. So, please follow our safety tips
                and stay safe:
                  •  Always ensure that a responsible person is supervising the cooking of the pancakes.

                  •  Avoid wearing loose clothing that could fall onto the cooker top.

                  •  If there is a fire, turn off the heat (only if it is safe to do so), get out of the property, stay
                     out of the property and call the Fire Service immediately.
                  •  Make sure your children know the dangers of adding water to a pan of overheating oil.

                  •  Go through the evacuation procedure in your house with all occupants.

                  •  Ensure that you have smoke alarms fitted and that they are working.
                     Test the batteries regularly.

            For more information on protecting your home from the risks to fire visit our website
            at and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.
            To request a Free Home Fire Safety Assessment phone 0800 169 1234 or request
            online at

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