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Set your special

            someone’s heart alight,

            nothing else!

            If you are planning on a romantic night in on February 14th, and think candles and tea-lights may
            add to the ambience, here’s a few safety tips to keep in mind this Valentine’s Night.
            Candles can pose a significant fire risk to your home and family especially when left unattended.
            If you do decide to use candles to brighten up your evening remember to:

              •  Be particularly careful with tea lights and
                  night lights which can melt plastic as they
                  get very hot.

              •  Use proper candle holders so they can’t
                  fall over, and place on a heat resistant
              •  Make sure candles are nowhere near
                  clothes or hair.

              •  Keep your candles away from items which
                  could catch fire such as curtains, fabrics
                  and furniture.

              •  If you need to leave the room remember to
                  extinguish the candles first.
              •  Make sure your smoke alarms are working.

              •  Keep a smoke alarm at each level of your
                  property and in every room.

              •  Check the alarms once a week.
              •  Once a year change your battery, vacuum
                  and clean the alarm casing to make sure
                  there is no dust blocking the sensor

                  For more information on using candles
                  safely in your home, visit our website:

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