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            Chris Davies QFSM MBA
            Chief Fire Officer

                                                               A Happy New Year to you all!

                                                               As is always the case, there has been no
                                                               opportunity to gently settle back into the
                                                               daily routine after the Christmas festivities
                                                               - it’s been full steam ahead, presenting to
                                                               full Council meetings at all six of our Local
                                                               Authorities, on our budget for 2018/19. While
                                                               it’s been extremely pleasing to receive the full
                                                               support of our own Fire Authority members
                                                               for a standstill budget for 2018/19, it is
                                                               becoming increasingly evident that securing
                                                               a similar budget for 2019/20 may be far more
                                                               challenging. It is therefore imperative that we
                                                               continue to review our processes and our
                                                               services to ensure we remain as efficient as
                                                               possible. But we also need to ensure that our
                                                               communities have a Service they can rely on
                                                               when they need it.

            Unfortunately, tragedies do happen, none more harrowing than the fire in Llangammarch
            Wells on 30 October 2017, which claimed the lives of six people, five of whom were children.
            This was an incredibly difficult incident for everyone involved and we are extremely proud
            of the professionalism and care shown by all our staff during and after the incident. The full
            circumstances of the incident are yet unknown and we will continue to support the Police with
            their investigation. Our thoughts and prayers remain with the family and friends of the victims and
            the community of Llangammarch Wells.

            I’m sure many of you will already be familiar with my ambition to see Mid and West Wales Fire
            and Rescue Service embrace every opportunity to pilot new technologies to ensure we are at the
            forefront of modern firefighting techniques. Throughout the magazine you will see evidence of
            the innovative technologies we are now exploring, from the use of drones to support operational
            incidents, to the paperless environment being championed by our T2020 Project.

            I’d also like to take the opportunity to welcome our twelve new recruits who are settling into their
            new working environments, we all wish you well in your future careers.

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