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            Councillor Rowland Rees-Evans
            Chair of the Fire Authority

                                                               A Happy New Year and a very warm
                                                               welcome to our Winter edition of Calon

                                                               I’m extremely pleased to be able to start
                                                               the New Year on a good footing, with
                                                               confirmation, that as Fire Authority, we voted
                                                               unanimously to support a standstill budget
                                                               for 2018/19. This will allow us to continue
                                                               to provide the same level of provision to our
                                                               communities as we do now.
                                                               Indeed, it is extremely humbling to read
                                                               about the efforts you go to, over and above
                                                               your roles, to support local and national
                                                               charities. This edition is full of stories about
                                                               the money you have raised - especially for
                                                               The Fire Fighters Charity. I was extremely
                                                               proud to learn that as Service, we are one of
                                                               the largest contributors to the Charity - raising
                                                               close to £100,000 annually for the cause.

                                                               As it is The Fire Fighters Charity’s 75th
                                                               Anniversary this year, I have no doubt that we
                                                               will continue to hear about your innovative
                                                               ways of raising money over the coming

                                                               I have also been extremely impressed by the
                                                               new innovative technologies the T20 Digital
                                                               Project team are currently researching - which
                                                               will no doubt enhance our services in the
                                                               future. If you haven’t done so already, I really
                                                               would urge you to get in touch with the team
                                                               to find out more about the project.

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