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We cover the largest area                                                                      Almost half the

 in England and Wales  We have the                                                                  coastline in
      4th lowest                              Population density across                              Wales falls

 Oeddech Chi’n  ‘cost per station’                stations varies from                                    within
 GWYBOD    in England and Wales                 8 people per km square                           OUR AREA
                                                  in Llanwrtyd Wells
                                                            to                                       approximately
 Did You                                        2526 per km square in                      650 kilometres of coast
 KNOW   We have the                                Swansea Central.

       3rd highest                                                                         We are the

 Approximately 900,000 people live within our Service area   ‘population sparsity’         2nd cheapest
 however, this number swells to over 1.5 million as a result of tourism  in England and Wales   cost per sq km’
                                                                                            across England and Wales

                                                                                           we attend
 Grass and forestry fires  Since 2006, our attendance  Our medical response  Approximately  approximately
           activity, via co-responder
 makes up around                              185,000
 We attend  at deliberate fires  schemes, has increased by                        13000 incidents
 around  7%   has REDUCED  77%   64%  since   people travel less than 10km to              every year
 200-300  of our annual activity              work across our area each day.

 chimney fires every year  at accidental fires  43%   8% of our activity,  84,000 people travel   The total number of
                                                      10km-30km across our
                                                                                          Fires we attend
 Hoax Calls was just1%  at fires in dwellings  approximately 1000 incidents every year,  Service area each day  every year has
 Our response to
   are Road Traffic Collisions
 of our activity in 2016/17  has REDUCED  29%         39,000 people travel                has reduced by

                                                      more than 30km across our
 this has been                                        Service area each day
 reduced by  at fires in                                                                  67%
 93%  non-domestic  58%   Since 2006 attendance at Road Traffic  56,000 people across        since 2006
 premises has
 since 2006  REDUCED  Collisions has decreased by 39%  our Service area work from
                                                      home each day

 Over the last 5 years we  ALL THIS COSTS  Since 2006 we have reduced our budget
 have engaged with over  YOU JUST
 160,000  by 20%

 young people through a
 Over the last 5 years  variety of education and
 we have delivered  prevention programmes.  that’s £9 million            

 105,000  £4  We have achieved this by reducing our expenditure on:        

 Home Safety Checks    Station based crewing by £3,630,000
                              Staffing by £1,971,000
 to our communities.   EVERY MONTH  Improving our business processes which saved £3,416,000
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