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            The T20 Digital Transformation project has been
            initiated from the findings of the Service Review Team

            and will introduce improvements to our Service through
            better use of technology.

             It is the Project’s ambition to create an environment and platform from which we can all manage
             our daily tasks with simplicity. To achieve this, we will work with key departments and personnel
             from across the Service to ensure we are all furnished with the right skills, knowledge and
             equipment to embrace the modern digital era.

                We need your help!

                To help us achieve our ambition, we need your advice, help and
                guidance, to ensure we introduce fit for purpose solutions to bring
                the Service into the 21st Century.

                Whether you are tech savvy or a technophobe, we are looking for
                Digital Advocates to support the project. You do not need to be an
                IT expert to make a difference.

                If you want to know more, please contact:
                T20 FireWatch Systems Manager, Paul Thomas
       ext. 2265

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