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Meet                                                                   GM Steve McLinden

                                                                                   Talk to me about: Digital Business
            the Team                                                               Innovation, Project Vision,
                                                                                   Business Transformation, The
                                                                                   Digital Fire Ground, Partnerships
                                                                                   and Collaboration.

                               Paul Thomas                                         Julian Blewitt
                               Talk to me about: FireWatch, ICT                    Talk to me about: Business
                               Infrastructure, User Experience                     Process Mapping, Implementation
                               and Engagement, System                              of New Technologies, Digital
                               Development, Digital Process                        Advocates, User Experience,
                               Solutions, Project Management,                      Software Training.
                               Project Marketing.

                               Lluan Broad                                          Steve Davies
                               Talk to me about: FireWatch,                         Talk to me about:
                               Digital Process Solutions, Project                   Business Process Mapping.
                               Management, Administration and
                               Reporting, User Support.

            The T20 Digital Transformation project will work across 5 areas:

                           Business Process Mapping - to improve the Service’s existing business
                           processes and procedures, making them more efficient and user-friendly.

                           FireWatch - to replace key Service software systems and improve the management
                           of operational resources across the Service.

                           Station 2020 - to design what the Service’s watch rooms will look like in the future
                           and improve the way operational staff interact with and use our newly introduced

                           Digital Fire Ground - to improve situational awareness for all Incident
                           Commanders and to capture, in real time, the risks and control measures put in

                           ICT Infrastructure & Hardware - to create time and space by making sure all staff
                           have the right equipment to access and use the newly introduced systems.

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