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The Fire Service issues safety advice for students living away from home for the first time

23/10/2017 08:00
​Moving away from home and into rented accommodation for the first time can be a daunting experience; do not let a fire add to your worries, and potentially ruin your university experience. 
This Student Safety Week (24th – 30th October) Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service is providing students with helpful and potentially life-saving tips to protect you and your belongings from fire. 

Student accommodation - fire safety tips 

Keep the cooker clean and in good working order. Most fires in student properties are linked to cooking.

Tins and foil cause fires in microwaves - so leave them out.

Don't cook if you've been drinking alcohol. If you've been out on the town - get a take-away instead of cooking when you get home.

Take extra care when frying with oil as this is an extremely common cause of fire. If one does occur NEVER put water on it as it will turn into a fireball. Find More cooking safety tips here.

Practice an escape route with your housemates, so that you know how to get out of the property if there's a fire.

Take extra care with cigarettes and smoking materials. If you smoke, make sure you've extinguished your cigarette properly before you go to sleep. And never smoke in bed.

Smoke alarms are potential life savers.  Ask your landlord to fit smoke alarms on each level of the house. Test them weekly.

Don't overload plug sockets.  And switch off electrical appliances, like mobile chargers and hair straighteners, when not in use.

Keep candles away from flammable surfaces or textiles such as curtains, TV sets or bath tubs and never leave them unattended. Always remember to extinguish them properly before going to sleep.

Deputy Head of Community Safety Steve Davies advises, 

“Students can be particularly susceptible to the dangers of fire if they combine drinking alcohol as part of their celebrations with new friends and going back to their Halls and cooking something to eat.  Unfortunately, we frequently get called to incidents at University Halls where cooking has been left unattended and fires have started.  

Please, never start cooking if you have drunk too much. Get something on the way home instead.”

“We also get called to unwanted fire signals where the fire alarm sounds and everybody in the entire building has to evacuate, only to find that when we attend the call is a false alarm.  So please be mindful about causing unwanted fire alarm activations caused by steam, aerosol sprays, smoking, and cooking fumes in the vicinity of the detector head”

REMEMBER:  If a fire starts get out, stay out and dial 999