Equality, diversity and inclusions is at the heart of what we do as a Service. It not only shapes how we engage and consult with our communities, but also influences the way in which we deliver our services, and secure good relations with our employees.

As a service, we aim to identify, understand, and eliminate all barriers that prevent access to services, information, and employment. The services we deliver are risk based according to the needs of particular groups.

The Service currently has a small number of internal employee networks / forums in place, the main functions of which are as follows:

  • ​Championing issues for employees;
  • Contributing to the organisation’s diversity and inclusion agenda;
  • Advising on policy development;
  • Improving the work environment for employees.

The Service launched its first Disability Forum in July 2015 and membership has grown steadily since that time. The forum is open to staff with disabilities and those with interest in disability and inclusion issues. To date issues raised have ranged from improving the accessibility of both our buildings and the information we provide, through to how best to help our operational and Community Safety colleagues to provide the best service possible service to those with different types of both visible and non-visible disability within our communities.

The forum meets once per quarter and an update from each meeting is provided to the Service’s Executive Leadership Team.

Although the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender / Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Allies Network was only formed in early 2017, the Group already have ideas on areas of policy and service delivery they would like to influence. The Group meets quarterly and is open to employees identifying as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender as well as allies.

The Equality Act 2010 legally protects people from discrimination in the workplace and in wider society.

It replaced previous anti-discrimination laws with a single Act, making the law easier to understand and strengthening protection in some situations. It sets out the different ways in which it’s unlawful to treat someone.

For more information and guidance about the Equality Act 2010 on the Government website.

Equality Impact Assessments (EIAs) help us improve the services we provide within our communities, and the working lives of our staff. They allow us to assess the impact of our policies, initiatives, decisions and services, helping us to eliminate or mitigate against any adverse effects these may have on our employees or the communities we serve.

Should you have any queries or require any information regarding the service’s Equality Impact Assessments please contact us by emailing humanresources@mawwfire.gov.uk or telephoning 01267 226839

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