Our vision:

To be a World Leader in Emergency Response and Community Safety.


Our mission:

To engage, connect, develop and inspire people to deliver excellent service.

Our Corporate Plan

We are delighted to introduce our Corporate Plan, which sets out our vision for the future…

We are confident that the Strategic Aims and Improvement and Well-being Objectives contained within this Corporate Plan set out a robust programme of activity for the next year, and recognises the short, medium and longer term needs of the communities we serve. However, current uncertainties make planning for the long term extremely challenging and as such, we will review our Corporate Plan annually to allow us to produce meaningful Strategic Aims and Improvement and Well-being Objectives on a year by year basis.

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Read our full Corporate Plan 2021 - 2026 (PDF, 3.1Mb) for more information.
Read what we are going to deliver in our Strategic Aims 2021 -2026 (PDF, 714Kb) document.
Read the Easy Read version of our Corporate Plan (PDF, 3.5Mb).

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Our people

Strategic Aim 1:

We will ensure our staff have the knowledge and skills they need to safely deliver and develop our services. We will ensure staff are representative of the communities they serve and are supported by the Service in their health and wellbeing.

During 2021/22 we will:

Inspire Co-production – The development of all.

Support the health and wellbeing of our people to help them feel happy at work and build personal resilience.

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Learn more about Our People Strategic Aim (PDF, 3.1Mb)

Our communities

Strategic Aim 2:

We will continue to engage, educate and support our communities to help ensure that they remain safe, healthy and prosperous.

During 2021/22 we will:

Focus on our partnerships with stakeholders.

Improve our communication and key messages with our communities.

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Learn more about Our Communities Strategic Aim (PDF, 3.1Mb)

Our environment

Strategic Aim 3:

We will continually improve our environmental performance, and the impact the Service has on the environment, through both our operational activities and everyday duties.

During 2021/22 we will:

Reduce the Service’s
carbon emissions.

Reduce the amount of water used throughout Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service and explore opportunities for water conservation.

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Learn more about Our Environment Strategic Aim (PDF, 3.1Mb)

Our Learning

Strategic Aim 4:

We will explore new ways of working to improve as a Fire Service through learning from ourselves and others.

During 2021/22 we will:

Develop and embed an IT infrastructure which supports new ways of working and that utilises technology to reduce risk to firefighters by the way we present them with

Continue to embed an ideas forum which explores the ideas and suggestions from staff; giving them a voice to shape the Service.

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Learn more about Our Learning Strategic Aim (PDF, 3.1Mb)

Document archive

Our Corporate Plan sets out our vision for the future, and how this will be achieved through our Strategic Aims and Improvement and Well-being Objectives.

In previous years, we have produced a five-year Strategic Plan and an accompanying Annual Improvement Plan. Following the introduction of the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015, we took the opportunity to review our planning processes, and as such produced a single integrated Corporate Plan.

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By the end of October each year, we publish our Annual Performance Assessment.  Our Annual Performance Assessment tells our staff, communities and stakeholders what outcomes and benefits have been delivered against the previous year’s Improvement and Well-being Objectives. Our Annual Performance Assessment also identifies how we have contributed to the Wellbeing goals, set out within the Well-being of Future Generations (Wales) Act 2015.

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