Draft Annual Business Improvement Plan 2022/2023

Our Draft Annual Business Improvement Plan is designed to help deliver our vision, mission, values and Commitments. This Plan has been developed to recognise the challenges we face as a Service. We want to be able to respond quickly, flexibly and collaboratively to these challenges in order to deliver the best possible services to the communities we serve.

To help us achieve our vision and the Commitments we outlined within our Draft Strategic Plan 2022-2027, we have developed seven Improvement and Well-being Objectives which we will aim to deliver over the next twelve months. This Plan sets out why we have chosen to prioritise these Improvement and Wellbeing Objectives, how we will deliver them and how the improvements will benefit our communities.

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Our commitments
Commitment 1

We are committed to recruiting, retaining and developing a highly skilled workforce.

Commitment 2

We are committed to supporting the health, wellbeing and prosperity of the communities we serve.

Commitment 3

We are committed to minimising our impact on the environment.

Commitment 4

We are committed to improving the way we work through organisational learning.

Our Improvement and Well-being Objectives

Objective One

We will support the health and well-being of our staff, ensuring they are happy in their workplace and have the personal resilience they need to carry out their role. 

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Improvement and Well-being Objective One

Objective Two

We will recruit, develop and retain a diverse workforce.

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Improvement and Well-being Objective Two

Objective Three

We will maximise the long term social, economic and environmental benefits our business has on our communities.

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Improvement and Well-being Objective Three

Objective Four

We will continue to develop the ways in which we engage and interact with individuals and groups within our communities; exploring new ways of using our assets for the benefit of all.

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Improvement and Well-being Objective Four

Objective Five

We will work towards becoming a carbon neutral organisation.

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Improvement and Well-being Objective Five

Objective Six

We will explore opportunities to capture, communicate and implement all aspects of organisational learning.

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Improvement and Well-being Objective Six

Objective Seven

We will undertake a baseline data exercise to inform the introduction and development of a Community Risk Management Plan.

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Improvement and Well-being Objective Seven

Draft Strategic Plan 2022-2027

We are delighted to introduce our Draft Strategic Plan 2022-2027 which sets out our vision for the future, “to be a World Leader in Emergency Response and Community Safety”.

Our Draft Strategic Plan is designed to deliver our vision, mission and values. The Commitments highlighted within this Plan will be delivered through the provision of an Draft Annual Business Improvement Plan, which will highlight what we will do in the coming business year to deliver against our five-year Commitments.