We will continue to develop the ways in which we engage and interact with individuals and groups within our communities, exploring new ways of using our assets for the benefit of all.

This objective aligns to the following Commitments

Why is this important?

Effective partnerships with individuals and groups within our communities is essential to supporting the work that we do and help us to achieve the best possible outcomes. We want to make sure that we engage and interact with all individuals and groups to give them the opportunity to help design and shape the services we provide, as well as to promote what we do and what assets and initiatives are available within our local communities.  

We want to make a positive difference and recognise that this can be achieved by continuing to build on existing relationships, while looking for opportunities to develop new partnerships, which will help us make the most effective use of our assets for the benefit of all.

What are we going to do?

We are going to:

  • Explore further recruitment opportunities aimed at young people in our communities.
  • Continue to promote and encourage the use of our Fire Stations and other assets for community benefit.
  • Continue to embed our volunteering strategy, encouraging further opportunities throughout the Service.

How will we know we have improved?

  • Increased opportunities available within the Service to attract and recruit young people.
  • Regular use of our Fire Stations by partner organisations and communities to hold meetings and events.
  • Higher levels of engagement between our Fire Stations and local communities.

An increase in the number of volunteers recruited by the Service to enable us to support both Service initiatives and that of our partners.


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