We will support the health and wellbeing of our staff, ensuring they are happy in their workplace and have the personal resilience they need to carry out their role. 

This objective aligns to the following Commitments


Why is this important?

We know there are many benefits to having a healthy workforce. The health and wellbeing of our staff has and will remain a priority area for us and is reflected in the Wellbeing Strategy we have developed. Our aim is to do what we can to help our staff enjoy longer, healthier and fulfilled lives, while reducing our sickness levels.

A key area of work over the next 12 months is to embed the objectives within our Wellbeing Strategy to ensure our staff have good health and wellbeing, which will help them to undertake their duties effectively and keep you and your community safer.

One of our key areas of learning from our COVID-19 response has been remote and agile working. As a result of the pandemic, we had to change the way worked instantaneously. Whilst in some areas, this was never going to be a long-term change, in others, we recognised the benefits for both our staff and our organisation. With the first phases of a long-term plan in this area well under way, in 2022, we will focus our attention on enabling agile and remote working practices across the organisation, where appropriate.

We want staff to have the confidence and space to grow and develop, enabling them to fulfil their potential and reach their career goals. Providing development opportunities for staff not only ensures they have the right skills to undertake their role, but also creates an environment where staff are empowered and encouraged to get involved in the work of the wider Service. Effective people management and development will ensure we are maintaining a high performing culture and continuing to provide professional and effective services to you and our communities.

What are we going to do?

We are going to:

  • Continue to deliver our Wellbeing Strategy.
  • Embed flexible working practices that work for both our staff and the communities we serve.
  • Empower our staff, involving them in the design and delivery of our services.
  • Develop our staff, ensuring they have the skills and knowledge needed to deliver the services we provide to our communities.


How will we know we have improved?

  • Higher levels of staff engagement and involvement.
  • Reduced sickness levels across the Service.
  • Wider engagement in agile working practices, where possible.
  • An increase in participation at available training courses for both our operational and non-operational staff.


Next Objective

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