We will undertake a baseline data exercise to inform the introduction and development of a Community Risk Management Plan.

This objective aligns to the following Commitments


Why is this important?

As a Fire and Rescue Service, we are innovative, ambitious and keen to maximise our potential and the impact we can have on the safety of the communities we serve.

Fire and Rescue Services in Wales and indeed across the UK, are going through a period of change as a result of wide-ranging reviews on a number of regulations, legislations and statutory duties. We are keen to be proactive to not only influence the outcomes of any reviews. but embed them in such a way that improves our prevention, protection and response arrangements and in turn the longer-term health, safety and well-being of the communities we serve.

Safeguarding our communities has and always will be one of our main priorities. By playing an active role in influencing the outcomes of any reviews, we ensure we are at the forefront of the changes we need to make to keep you and your communities safe.

We direct our prevention, protection and response resources to provide the greatest possible return on investment and minimise the overall impact of the foreseeable risks we face.

What are we going to do?

We are going to:

  • Review the current data that we hold, determine its validity, and refresh it where required.
  • Work with our partners to understand what data they collect and determine its effectiveness for our own use.
  • Undertake a robust analysis of any data we collect and hold to better understand the current and future risks within our communities.
  • Maintain dialogue with our operational staff and the unions that represent them to ensure we make best use of their local knowledge and professional judgement in any future decision making.
  • Use the information we collate from this exercise to understand where to base our people and resources.
  • Review our compliance against current legislation, ensuring we continue to adhere to their requirements.
  • Implement the requirements of any new legislation placed upon us.
  • Work with our partners to review our current prevention, protection and response arrangements to enhance the way in which they are delivered for the benefit of our communities.


How will we know we have improved?

  • Undertaking a baseline data exercise will help to ensure we are planning for the longer term and anticipating now, any future changes to our communities.
  • The data will influence the development of a Community Risk Management Plan, which will help to continue keeping our communities safe by having the best people, in the right place, with the best equipment and resources.


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