We will maximise the long-term social, economic and environmental benefits our business has on our communities.

This objective aligns to the following Commitments


Why is this important?

Making a positive difference to the diverse communities we serve is extremely important to us. Every fire we attend has a cost to people, places, and our environment, so prevention, wherever possible, is a priority for us. We want to continue working with our partners to identify opportunities to deliver agreed mutually beneficial objectives, as we know that working closely with our partners not only helps to avoid the duplication of services, it is also a better use of public funds and provides multiple benefits to our communities.

We recognise that as a large organisation we can have a considerable impact on the economy and environment and are committed to ensuring that we do our moral duty to maximise these benefits to the communities we serve, whilst enhancing our contribution to the local economy and reducing costs to society.

Adapting and diversifying our activities to better meet the needs of our communities and improving the way we meet the needs of the people that work, live and visit our communities, will help to make them as safe and as successful as possible.

What are we going to do?

We are going to:


  • Explore opportunities to widen the delivery of social benefits to our communities.
  • Consider the impact and benefits of our community-based initiatives and partnership working.
  • Incorporate Social Value criteria into our Procurement processes, where appropriate.
  • Explore ways to enable our departments to buy from local Small and Medium Enterprises.
  • Continue to support the outcomes of engagement with our partners, including at Local Resilience Forums, Public Services Boards and other forums.


How will we know we have improved?

  • Improved relationships with our communities and partners with higher levels of engagement and participation.
  • Positive evaluation of the initiatives being delivered.
  • An increase in the purchase of items and services from Small and Medium Enterprises.
  • Information sharing opportunities being utilised from our engagement with partners to the benefit of our communities.


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