Following the introduction of the Socio-Economic duty which came into force on the 31 March 2021, which requires specific public bodies, when making strategic decisions such as deciding priorities and setting objectives, to consider how their decisions might help to reduce the inequalities associated with socio-economic disadvantage.

The overall aim of the duty is to deliver better outcomes for those who experience socio-economic disadvantage. The Service aim to support this by ensuring all those responsible for strategic decisions:

  • Take account of evidence and potential impact through consultation and engagement.
  • Understand the views and needs of those who suffer socio-economic disadvantage.
  • Welcome challenge and scrutiny.
  • Drive a change in the way that decisions are made and the way that decision makers operate.

We have embarked on a proactive programme of information sharing and training in relation to the Duty and will continue to ensure that due consideration is provided when deciding priorities and setting objectives.


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