We are committed to minimizing our main impacts on the environment: energy use, business travel and waste management.

Our Environmental Objectives, Targets and outcomes for 2020/21 are as follows:

EO 1

To raise awareness Service wide and promote and report on all environmental aspects and performance, such as the Environmental and Sustainability Strategy 2020-25, Environmental Policy and Procedures

a)    Publish Annual Environmental Report internally and externally

b)    To publish the third, 5-year Sustainability and Environment Strategy by Summer 2020 

c)    Ensure communication of Reports, performance and environmental updates to all staff

Report was published towards the end of 2020

Strategy was published in Summer 2020

Communications circulated through the new Corporate Risk newsletter, 1st issue which was published in July 2020, Annual Environmental Report and Command Posters.

EO 2

Raise awareness of the new Biodiversity Action Plan 2020-2023 and encourage all employees to assist with environmental initiatives on Stations

a)    Publish and communicate the 2020-2023 BAP

b)    Report and monitor any Biodiversity projects

c)    Include BAP as standard Agenda item at S&E meetings to raise awareness

BAP 2020-23 was published in Summer 2020

BAP included as Standard Agenda Item in Sustainability and Environment Group meetings

EO 3

Consider water conservation techniques on Stations

a)    To consider rainwater harvesting on Stations

b)    Encourage water reuse for training where possible

Included as a Service Corporate Objective under Our Environment Strategic Aim

EO 4

Reduce Scope 1 and 2 emissions (against 2019/20 baseline) and work towards reporting on the Services Scope 3 emissions for grey fleet

a)    Improve data collection on energy monitoring Service wide

b)    Improve data gathering for Scope 3 emission figures for Grey fleet

Unprecedented year where pool vehicles haven’t been used as much.

Reduction in Scope 1 and 2 emissions.

EO 5

Streamline Service waste collection and improve waste monitoring through new contract. Encourage and raise awareness on Stations of reduce and reuse waste in the first instance.

a)    Gather accurate data from all Service premises in relation to General and DMR

b)    Publish posters to each Command to highlight the amount of waste being produced

New single waste contractor started on 1st April 2020 to cover all the Service locations.

Stats will include a breakdown of waste from each command to use in Command Waste Posters

EO 6 

Implement and monitor single use plastic water bottle reduction programme Service wide. 

a)    Roll out personal reusable water bottles to all personnel to replace SUP bottles

b)    Monitor plastic waste figures on stations

c)    Monitor reduction in Water bottles purchased through Stores

Individual reusable water bottles were issues to all members of staff 1st week of Jan 2021

No statistic available to use yet

Statistics will be monitored and discussed at the S&E meeting

EO 7

Increase ULEV programme Service wide, and research new vehicles and charging technologies for use in more rural areas of the Service.

a)    Increase number of EVs implemented into the Pool fleet

b)    Increase number of charging points installed at Service locations

c)    Collaboration opportunities with external partners to improve charging infrastructure

22 EVs currently implemented into fleet

5 Service locations with charging points

SW Wales Region ULEV meeting

Collaboration with WGES as part in their ULEV Scheme. 

Mid & West Wales Fire & Rescue Service believes that evidencing corporate responsibility towards environmental management is best achieved by setting of both qualitative and quantitative environmental objectives.

These objectives are aligned with both the Service’s Corporate Plan 2020-2024 and the Sustainability & Environmental Strategy 2020-2025. The Service uses these objectives to measure its environmental performance against.

The seven overall themes of our environmental performance objectives for 2021/22 which are different to the previous year.

The objectives for the year are as follows: 

Objective 1
Raise awareness of mileage and time saved by undertaking virtual meetings during lockdown and encourage this to continue.

Objective 2
Increase number of Biodiversity Projects undertaken Service wide in relation to the Biodiversity Action Plan 2020-2023 both internally and externally

Objective 3
Monitor water consumption on Service Premises and install water saving devices where possible


Objective 4
Raise awareness of Carbon emissions through use of Smart technology to encourage behaviour change. To decrease electricity consumption by 2% on 2019/20


Objective 5
Encourage and raise awareness on Stations to reduce and reuse waste in the first instance and highlight waste produced in each Command. To reduce Dry Mixed Recycling by 2% on 2019/20


Objective 6
Increase the number of electric vehicles and charging points in more rural areas of the Service from 2019/20 baseline

A report of performance against these targets will be incorporated in the 2021/22 Annual Environmental Report.

This Annual Environmental Report for the period 2020/21 will be externally verified as part of a Green Dragon Environmental Management Standard Audit by a registered assessor during the re-assessment of the Environmental Standard.