Our Vision

Sustainability is about improving the quality of life in a way that does not cause irreversible damage to the environment or prevent future generations from being able to benefit from the good things we have become accustomed to.

Our vision is to create a better environment for our communities. We do this by embracing environmental sustainability across the whole Service.

We reduce our energy consumption every year and are working towards sending zero waste to landfill.

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Read our Chief Fire Officer's Environmental Statement

Executive Summary

This Report covers the 2021/22 financial period and summarises achievements made during one of our most challenging years. It outlines our environmental performance in the last year and the progress towards our Environmental Objectives.

As well as highlighting our environmental achievements over the last year, this report also outlines our sustainability projects aimed to reduce our carbon footprint, such as our Ultra Low Emissions Vehicles.

We're committed to reducing our environmental impact

Our commitments

2020 saw all aspects of our society face a very tough and challenging year which is still being felt today. It changed the way all organisations worked and carried out their everyday functions. 
During this time, we continued to commit to our vision of excellence and to become a world-class organisation.
We also recognise the increasing importance of the need to protect the environment and conserve its precious resources.

An environmentally responsible service



Our performance

As a Service, we are continually trying to improve our environmental impact and performance. To help us achieve our environmental goals, we use continuous active monitoring and training.

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Our objectives

The Service is committed to integrating environmental best practice into all of our activities. We accept our environmental responsibilities and recognise our obligation to reduce our environmental impact on our communities.