Training, including sustainability and environmental training, is an essential part of our vision to be a World leader in emergency response and community safety.

Sustainability and Environmental training within the Service includes Environmental Awareness Training as part of the induction process for all Service employees. The induction programme raises awareness of key environmental and sustainable issues and procedures taken by the Service to reduce environmental impact.

Internal training takes the form of raising environmental awareness via:

  • Internal communications and environmental campaigns
  • Environmental Awareness Presentations
  • Circulating training fact sheets and attachments by internal email on issues such as energy data and updates on environmental performance.

As required by the Green Dragon EMS, the Service holds a register of Compliance Obligations which is applicable to the activities and operations of the Service and to ensure compliance with all relevant legislation. The register records the most common requirements of our organisation including: Air, Noise, Water, Waste, Land, Flora and Fauna.

To aid in ensuring this register is always up to date with all relevant environmental legislation and applicable voluntary obligations, the Service uses the Legal Compliance Manager System which is an environmental update service which enables us to identify and categorise applicable legislation easily and efficiently. 

To ensure all legislation is covered, this is supplemented by regular cross-referencing with information via the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment’s (IEMA) website, as well as referencing information from environmental websites and periodicals.

Future Developments and Campaigns

We are always in search of innovative ideas and opportunities to improve our processes and efficiencies. In respect of future intentions for environmental improvements, the following are planned for the year 2021/2022:

  • Increase awareness and motivation of all staff to engage in environmental improvement objectives.
  • Increase and encourage sustainable and recyclable products.;
  • Encourage and enhance biodiversity to our sites and introduce an environmental conservation aspect to the green space on our sites.
  • Collaborate with external organisations on Environmental Projects.
  • Improving the frequency and reliability of environmental data provision.
  • Improve space planning and occupation of our buildings so that maximum use is gained from heated/lighted premises.
  • Align battery storage to future PV initiatives in order to become cost-neutral as we are no longer be able to sell back to the grid.
  • Introduce additional full electric and low emission vehicles to the Service fleet.

Environmental Obligations

Find out what our Environmental Objectives are.