Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service have been producing an Annual Environmental Report since 2015. This report covers the 2021/22 financial period and summarises achievements made during this year. It outlines our environmental performance and the progress towards our Environmental Objectives as well as towards Welsh Government Net Zero targets.

This report summarises the Service’s key areas of performance and monitoring in areas where we have the biggest impact on the environment. This includes our utilities in terms of consumption and carbon emissions and our fleet and waste production from all Service premises.

As well as highlighting our environmental achievements over the last year, this Report also outlines our sustainability projects aimed to reduce our carbon footprint, such as our Ultra Low Emissions Vehicles (ULEV).

To help us achieve our environmental objectives, we work towards the Green Dragon Environmental Standard (2016). The Standard aids and compliments our decision making and ensures continual environmental improvements year on year. The Standard is aligned to ISO 14001:2015, which ensures we incorporate and consider interested parties in the context of the organisation in terms of internal, external and social pressures.

As a Fire and Rescue Service, we try to ensure that all our operations and activities help reduce the impact fires have on the environment, as well as help the impact incidents could have on the local economy and society. As such, all Staff have a responsibility to ensure that environmental awareness and objectives are worked towards, helping to improve the Service and creating a sustainable future.